(As of March 4, 2014)

Priorities for Summer Camp 2014

Outdoor Ceiling Fan for Pavilion (www.bigassfans.com)
Commercial Lawnmower
Gas-powered Utility Vehicle
Leaf blower
Canoes and Kayaks
Steel Maintenance Shed
Lowe’s Gift Card
Arts and Crafts Supplies

Dining Hall

Char broiler
Commercial Crock Pot
Commercial Toasters
Supplies: plates, silverware, coffee mugs

Staff Housing Needs

Couches- New or Gently Used
Kitchen and Bakeware- New or Gently Used
2 Televisions

For more information about the items on our wishlist or to send in your donations, please cal or email our executive director, Ann Letteer, at 214-522-6533 ext 1 or at aletteer@thepines.org.