Download a Printable Packing List

Packing List and Tips

Well-labeled, familiar clothes and items help campers return home with all their belongings. Sending a checklist with your camper will help them remember what to take back as they pack to return home. Closed-toe shoes are required for sports activities and challenge course activities.

Items to pack


  • Disposable camera 
  • White t-shirt (to use in tie-dye arts and crafts project)
  • Tissues
  • Stamps, note paper and pens (to write letters home)
  • Books
  • Plastic bags (for wet clothes)


Prescription medication must be in original containers and placed in a labeled, resealable plastic bag. Please send only the amount of medication need to last the duration of your camper’s stay at camper. Do not send their entire supply.

Do NOT Bring

Food, drinks, radios, iPods, tablets, computers, cell phones, and electronic games aren’t allowed at camp. If found, these items will be held in the office until the end of a camper’s session. The Pines does not tolerate alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or weapons including Swiss Army knives.

Resources to purchase items on packing list

  • The Pines Camp Store: Many Items can be purchased through our online camp store or at camp!
  • is a great one stop shop to purchase everything on the packing list. But what we enjoy are the C&N Footlockers, aka trunks. They are customizable and the perfect size to carry everything and fit in the cabin. Use the discount code bunk771TP
  • Purchase Custom Labels from Stuck On You to help organize packing and the return of your child’s clothes and gear. Labels range from vinyl, to stick on, to iron on for clothing, shoes, books, flashlights, etc. Part of your purchase order comes back to help The Pines!