The Pines Camp Nurse or assistant is on duty at all times and registers and dispenses all medication. Treatment for minor injuries is administered at the campsite health center. Campers who need further medical assistance are taken to a nearby clinic. Emergency care (911) is administered through East Texas Medical Center. Please also note that camper health/medication information will be verified and updated upon camper drop-off for camp. Because parents know how best to support their child, they are our greatest ally when working with campers who become ill.  If the CMT, the director, or the director’s designee feels like it is in the best interest to discuss an issue with a parent, we will call the parents or guardians.

Prescription medication must be in original containers and placed in a labeled, resealable plastic bag. Include written instructions, if necessary. Send only the amount of medication needed to last the duration of your camper’s stay at camp. Please do not send their entire supply. Basic over-the-counter medications will be available in the Health Center. Please do not send items such as Advil or Motrin.

Read this article by Christopher A. Thuber, PhD, on Med Management Tips at Camp. We agree with his top 10 recommendations, especially with not changing or stopping any medication that would be taken at home.