8:00 Breakfast/Morning Prayer                 Morning Prayer- Short service involving prayer, an activity,
8:40 Morning Prayer/Breakfast                 and song produced by an assigned cabin
9:15 Capers                 Capers- Cabins are assigned an area of camp to clean,
9:50 Flag Up                 as well as tidying up their own cabin
10:00 Activity 1                 Activities- Branch and Fire Villages choose own activities
11:00 Activity 2                 Water Village is assigned activities with their cabin
12:00 Lunch/Vilbo                 Vilbo- Short for “Village bonding.” Campers play games
12:45 Vilbo/Lunch                 and participate in activities with their entire village.
1:30 Quiet Time                 Rotations-
2:30 Rotation I                            1- Pool/Camp Store
3:30 Rotation II                            2- Power Club/Fire Village Activity
4:30 Rotation III                            3- Activity 3
5:30 Dinner/Cabin Bondo
6:15 Cabin Bondo/Dinner                 Cabin Bondo- Cabins play games, cook s’mores and more.
7:15 Night Activity                 Night Activity- All of camp comes together for large game.
8:10 Flag Down
8:15 Spiritual Programming                 Spiritual Programming- divided by villages
9:30 Water Village Lights Out                         Water Village: God Sightings
10:00 Branch Village Lights Out                         Branch Village: B-Snap
10:30 Fire Village Lights Out                         Fire Village: Spiritual Night Life

Village Breakdown by Rising Grade
Water: 2nd-5th
Branch: 6th-7th
Fire: 8th-11th